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In the middle of nowhere

I worked as deck hand on the Starlight fishing vessel, that countinuosly trawls the ocean between Australia & Indonesia, up to 30 hours’ journey north of Darwin, following the giant schools
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The Opal Capital

The Stuart Highway runs for about 7.000 km from Adelaide to Darwin cutting Australia from the South to the North. Near the border between South Australia and Northern Territory, at
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Bad kids like rodeo

In Alice Spring, close to the huge red rock Uluru, the australian symbol, and generally in all the Outback and Northern Territory, life goes on following strange ways. Boys grownig
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Silver City Race

Broken Hill is a very small town located 1.200 km west of Sydney,800 km north of Melbourne, near the border with the Outback.It is a famous place not just because is
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Sometimes it is not a crime / The BIG ISSUE Magazine, Australia. Text by Michael Green
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Book by Blurb, In the middle of nowhere.

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